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Remodeling and Home Design

Products by Application
Pacific Patio

Octagon Recess Urn
Urn (view others) ~ UnitID: 422

Perfect for small trees or ferns
Random Pavers
Pavers, Cast (view others) ~ UnitID: 474

(32in by 32in) covers 18.5 sqft patio/deck
PoolCoping, Cast (view others) ~ UnitID: 476

(12in by 14in) covers 200 linear foot pool coping
Commodore Urn
Urn (view others) ~ UnitID: 649

Rugged planter for flowering plants around poolside
Bullnose 2" Tread
Steps (view others) ~ UnitID: 720

(14in depth by 36in) 2 Long Steps
Caprice1A Binelli1 Verona1
NewelPier (view others) ~ UnitID: 9732

Used as pier caps allows for two separate entries

Estimated Package Price
$ 5,398.95

Price Sold Seperately
$ 5,964.74

Units Included
  2 - Octagon Recess Urn (UnitID 422)
  49 - Random Pavers (UnitID 474)
  100 - BullnosePoolCoping1 (UnitID 476)
  2 - Commodore Urn (UnitID 649)
  18 - Bullnose 2" Tread (UnitID 720)
  4 - Caprice1A Binelli1 Verona1 (UnitID 9732)

Embelish your pool area with Pier caps, pool copes and these simple but elegant random patterened paving stones.

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